Crowds ring in new year with crab pot drop


MOREHEAD CITY, Carteret County - The record breaking cold temperatures did not keep crowds from Morehead City's Downtown Countown and crab pot drop. 

"2017 going into 2018 we are so excited we have a great crowd even though its a little chilly outside, a lot chilly outside," said Kerri McCann, the event organizer and Co-owner of Jack's Waterfront Bar. 

It's become a New Years Eve tradition on the waterfront. 

"Back in 2011 we tried to decide what we were gonna drop," said McCann. "We decided on the crab pot because it was heavy enough for the winds that we have down here on the waterfront and it just lends a little hello and thank you to our Morehead City and our fishing community." 


For the kids who can't stay up late, there was a crab pot drop at 6 p.m and lots of family friendly activities. But the real drop happens at midnight from a much larger crane, something that helps local businesses. 

"The crab drop had been going on and we didn't realize the crowd that it had drawn. From there every year we watch it grow and grow and grow," said Tom Flynn, Owner of Silverline Jewlery. "We're excited about this. We stay open very specifically and we stay open past midnight."




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