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Corolla filly born on Memorial Day 2018 dies after snake bite

(Image provided by the Corolla Wild Horse Fund)
(Image provided by the Corolla Wild Horse Fund)
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A Corolla wild horse born on Memorial Day two years ago has died.

Officials with the Corolla Wild Horse Fund say they were called after Valor was seen standing in the same place, favoring one leg, just over a week ago.

The rescue loaded the filly into a trailer and took her to the rescue farm.

"It was a harrowing journey back and forth, between the weather, the condition of the beach, and the crowds," a Facebook post reads, "But we did it, and got Valor safely back to the rescue farm Sunday evening."

A veterinarian determined the horse had been bitten by a snake and the wound had become infected.

"By Monday morning, Valor was putting weight on the leg, eating and drinking normally, and mad that she was locked in a stall. All good signs," said officials, "She continued to stabilize throughout the day on Monday and we found ourselves becoming cautiously optimistic that she might pull through. Staff stayed on site through the night to flush her catheter every couple of hours and make sure that she was still doing ok."

However, on Friday Valor's wound worsened and she was taken to North Carolina State University for treatment. Itt was determined that the infection had impacted the tendon sheath and the vet said it would cause mobility issues and pain for the rest of the filly's life.

"We made the difficult decision to euthanize Valor Saturday morning. A necropsy was performed, and hopefully the findings will not only give us more answers, but will help the vets and students at NCSU help the next horse that comes along with a condition similar to Valor's."

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