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Corolla wild horse euthanized after long-term infection

(Photo:{ }Corolla Wild Horse Fund)
(Photo: Corolla Wild Horse Fund)
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One of eastern North Carolina’s beloved wild horses was euthanized recently, after what officials with the Corolla Wild Horse Fund say was a long-term fungal infection.

Lizzie suffered a wound to her knee that wouldn’t heal last year, shortly after the birth of Alex last year, but after talking with a vet officials said they decided to leave her in the wild so she could raise him. They monitored her and planned to remove her for treatment once Alex was old enough to be weaned.

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Unfortunately, they said the pair disappeared into the marsh in early winter and they were unable to find the pair.

One of the people who had been helping in the effort to find Lizzie called officials at the Corolla Wild Horse Fund in mid-June and said she and Alex were in her yard.

Lizzie spent some time at the rescue farm to learn how to be handled prior to surgery at NC State.

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During surgery, officials said the veterinarian found the infection to be much worse than previously thought.

Her condition deteriorated quickly at the end of last week, and officials said on Friday it became clear that not only was the infection in her leg getting worse despite aggressive treatment, but she was also suffering physically and emotionally and euthanasia was the compassionate choice.

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