Community Watch assisting sheriff's office after Aurora police chief retires

The Aurora Community Watch is helping the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office with safety measures for the town after the resignation of the town's police chief in December. (Morgan Newell, NewsChannel 12 photo)

Aurora is in need of some help in the area of law enforcement.

Aurora Police Chief Mike Harmon unexpectedly retired from his post in December after six years on the job. The Beaufort County Sheriff's Office is currently patrolling and assisting the area as needed along with the Aurora Community Watch program.

The move by Harmon was a surprise. Community Watch Director Rick Baker has had a hand in helping the community and the sheriff's office. He said they'll do all they can to make sure the safety remains.

“We were already an operation and worked with the chief for 6 years," Baker said. "So all we’re gonna do is continue to serve the community in the same way we did with him. Be the eyes and ears.”

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