Casey Hathaway found alive after three-day search

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The search for 3-year-old Casey Hathaway has ended with some very good news.

Officials confirmed to NewsChannel 12 he was found alive Thursday evening in an undetermined area of Craven County where officials have been searching. Craven County Sheriff Chip Hughes said they got a tip of a crying child. He was then located by people searching for him about 40-50 yards in the woods calling for his mother.

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DAY 3: Casey Hathaway found alive

Chocowinity EMS Captain Shane Grier found Hathaway.

"It's a great evening, folks," Hughes said in a press conference Thursday around 11 p.m. "We brought Casey to his family, just like we said we were gonna do. We did not give up, we were very persistent. Little fella is happy. His parents are happy as well.

"When he saw his little sister, had a big smile on his face. I'll tell you it's just very, very touching."

Hathaway was taken to CarolinaEast Medical Center in New Bern for evaluation. The FBI confirmed that Hathaway was located off Toler and Aurora Roads.

"Like the sheriff said, we responded on a tip, located by a voice this young man, went to him, entangled him from some briers, brought him out and here we are," Grier said.

"We just want to tell everyone that we are thankful that you took the time out to search for Casey and pray for him. He is good, he is good," said Casey's mother, Brittany Hathway.

Stanley Kite, Emergency Services Director, said he got the good news Hathaway had been found right after 9 p.m.

"Just a little bit after 9 o'clock is when I got the information by radio that he had been located and the fact he was talking and he was able to give them his name," Kite said. "We were very impressed by that, it was very positive information given the amount of time he had been exposed to the environment, to the elements and conditions. It's really and truly a miracle."

Hughes says the boy was playing with two sisters in his grandmother's backyard in Ernul on Tuesday, but didn't come inside with them. They searched for about 45 minutes before calling 911 for help. That began an exhaustive manhunt that covered hundreds of acres of the area where he went missing.

FBI spokesperson Shelley Lynch sent this message to media outlets when the news broke.

Casey has been found alive. He was located by professional search and rescue crews off Toler and Aurora Roads. He is in good health, is talking and being evaluated by doctors at Carolina East Medical Center. He is with his family. Thank you all for helping us #FindCasey.

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