Businesses have California shooting on mind when thinking safety

Businesses like Crossbones Tavern say safety of its customers and employees is always important. (Tyler Hardin, NewsChannel 12 photo)

It's another busy Thursday night at Crossbones Tavern in Greenville.

There's food, dancing and live music for people to enjoy. But after the shooting in California, safety is also top of mind. Matthew Webster is the head of security at the business and said they were taking extra precautions to keep everyone safe. He's worked there three years and said since he started, they've added security cameras, locks and now have a detailed plan in case of an attack.

"Those of us that have had training in various martial arts and or military would react appropriately, but our number one concern would be for patron safety," Webster said. "Our goal would be to exit everyone out of the facility as quickly and orderly as possible while complying with local law-enforcement and first responders who are trying to get in."

Webster also said communication with other bars, law enforcement and the customers is most crucial for a safe evening. Click the above video from NewsChannel 12's Tyler Hardin about what Greenville Police say you should do in the case of an attack. You can also watch a YouTube video below with more information.

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