Better census count may improve overall numbers in Onslow Co.

With a true count of the population, the county will likely see an increase in federal funds following the next census. (Merrilee Moore, NewsChannel 12 photo)

Onslow County is known for its military support, but during the last census in 2010, nearly 20,000 people weren't counted as residents simply because they were deployed. Today, that's changed.

"I'm excited that he gets counted here," Dorian Dorminey, a Marine wife, said. "At first we were unsure about moving here, we've only lived here for about six months."

Though the couple has only lived here a short amount of time, they're already getting ready to say goodbye because Dorminey's husband deploys to Italy in March.

"We just found out and I'm really sad to see him go, but I feel a lot better now that we have established so many special relationships here with our church and with our jobs," Dorminey said. "I feel a lot better about him leaving knowing I have friends who are like family here."

With a little help from her friends, Dorminey knows she can withstand the separation from her husband.

"Because of all the relationships we've established I mean we have family here," Dorminey said. "It makes me feel good that he's counted as an Onslow resident."

Jacksonville city leaders said the federal government gives money to counties based on the population. That money then goes to schools, roads and community development. With a true count of the population, the county will likely see an increase in federal funds following the next census.

"Getting an accurate count of how many people live in North Carolina means all the residents of our state are better served,” Governor Cooper said on Thursday on the issue. “The deployed military and the communities that they call home deserve to be counted, especially as they serve our country.”

Cooper's statement comes shortly after the Census Bureau announced it intends it adopt North Carolina's recommendation to recognize the difference between short and long-term deployments and count the short-term deployments at deployed military individuals' latest or base address.

“I commend the city and county officials who worked with our state census liaison to make this change,” Cooper said. “As we work with cities and counties on verifying residences, it’s important that everyone counts.”

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