After snow delay, package companies finally catching up

After some tense days, Bennie Scott was finally able to give his employees their paychecks. (Stephanie Brown, NewsChannel 12 photo)

If you're waiting on mail you were supposed to get last week, the snowstorm that paralyzed our area is likely to blame.

Now that the snow is melting, the post office, UPS and Fed Ex are catching up. Bennie Scott, manager of Adam's Auto Wash in Greenville, said his business was impacted by the delay in mail. Because of the snow, UPS held the paychecks of all 42 of his staff members.

"To me it was disturbing because, it wasn't like a pack of shoes I was expecting or I bought offline on eBay, it was payroll," Scott said. "Everybody I know is broke after Christmas, so they're waiting on that first paycheck. So it was a perfect storm, the way it unraveled."

Scott said he received notice that they'd arrive at the Greenville facility on Friday. However, UPS said it would not deliver them because of road conditions.

"I'm being told it's on that truck, it's on that truck, and it's sitting right there in front of me. I just didn't understand it," Scott said.

As Scott persisted with calls and visits to UPS, Scott said he was disheartened that he couldn't give his staff answers. Some didn't have gas to come to work at all. Four days later, Scott was finally able to give his staff their checks after getting them from the truck himself Tuesday morning.

"I've loaned some people some personal money myself, for food. Some of them have kids, they needed diapers," Scott said.

The good news comes just in time for the start of a busy week as people come to clean the salt and grime off their vehicles.

"The snow can be fun, but there's also another side," Scott said.

Mail carriers have also been delayed. The postmaster in Winterville said her staff is working overtime this week trying to get all the packages to wherer they belong as quickly as they can.

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