'Adventureman' criss-crossing country, visiting sick children, raising money

Jamie McDonald is criss-crossing the U.S. running to raise money for sick children while also promoting his story and those he's impacted. (Contributed photo)

He's been running across the country in a superhero outfit to help raise money for children who are sick. Now, he's in our area to do the same.

Finding this superhero wasn't easy. Jamie McDonald can be seen wearing a green, yellow and red Superman type outfit. After some searching, we found him making his way to Vidant Medical Center. That's where he hopes to be, visiting the sick children at James and Connie Maynard Children's Hospital.

"I’m running 6,000 miles across America," McDonald said. "Started in the state of Washington, ran down to L.A. and then cut across the desert at the hottest time of the year in Arizona and the goal is to finish in Massachusetts, so it’s a coast-to-coast run."

McDonald said he spent a good part of his life sick and in the hospital. That served as a spark for him to do what he's doing now.

"I ended up spending most of my life in hospitals as a kid so I use to have a rare condition called Syringomyelia where sometimes I couldn’t feel my legs."

He said he was able to overcome the disorder by, of all things, learning to play tennis.

"I remember feeling like 'no mom, I don’t want to play, but I went out there, cracking the ball and I just got this love for movement and I just didn’t stop," McDonald said. "I moved so much and I got so much help from the hospital at that time my symptoms gradually disappeared and I got my health."

Now, he feels it's right to give back.

"I got a one-year visa and it was about visiting as many kids' hospitals as I could along the way to fund raise and try and give back," McDonald said.

He said he's raised $150,000 and has visited multiple hospitals.

"I guess I’m out here on my own," McDonald said. "I have to wake up every single day and then run the marathon and then in the morning you’re hurting. You don’t want to get out and do it all over again and I guess just meeting the kids just reminds me of what it’s all about it just keeps me going."

You can track his travels the rest of the way to his final stop, Massachusetts, by clicking here.

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