Coward Brothers remain in jail under no bond after court hearing

    Derek Coward (left) and Eric Coward (right) (Craven County Sheriff's Office)<br>

    Two brothers arrested last week and charged with murder were ordered held in jail without bond after their court preceding on Monday.

    Twin brothers Derick Earl Coward and Eric Matthew Coward, 22, of Grifton were arrested by members of the Craven County Sheriff's Office last Friday and charged in the murder of Anthony Tucker, 33. He was found dead in his vehicle at 465 Riverside Road in the Craven County area of Grifton.

    In court Monday, District Court Judge Karen Alexander advised the defendants of their charges and, at the request of District Attorney Scott Thomas, held both in custody under no bond.

    “I met with Mr. Tucker’s family prior to the first court appearance and explained to them the court process," Thomas said. "We will work closely with the victim’s family and the Sheriff’s Office as these cases move forward.”

    Their next court hearing is Feb. 1.

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