ECU students to hold counseling sessions with Florence victims in Trenton

    Trenton was one of many places hit hard by Hurricane Florence. Saturday, students from East Carolina University will be there to provide counseling to anyone who needs it. (AP photo)

    A group of East Carolina University students will be in Trenton on Saturday because they want to help focus on helping Hurricane Florence victims in that area in a way they might be accustomed.

    Medical students, residents and faculty will come to Christian Faith Assembly in Trenton on Saturday to have counseling sessions with flood victims. Lead organizer Dr. Toni Johnson said social workers reached out to her to make this event happen. The event runs from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

    The group will offer counseling sessions to anyone who needs it. Johnson said she believes that big towns sometimes overshadow smaller ones but she wants them to know they aren't forgotten.

    "Immediately there's a physical need," Johnson said. "Shelter and food and things of that nature but eventually after that has been met there's often mental health needs and frankly communities really suffer. They don't recognize this, they don't understand it and their resources are limited. So we wanted to do what we could in a small way to meet some of that need."

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