Funding cuts in effect for Pitt County Title I schools


    Pitt County Schools will receive less funding from the state this school year.

    There are 28 schools in Pitt County that are classified as Title I schools. Director of Federal Programs pf Pitt County Schools, Lavette Ford, announced Title I spending would be cut by almost $300,000. The Title I classification provides schools with resources for low-income students.

    "When you have to make tough decisions, you have to get down to the student level and you have to make decisions that are in the best interest of the students. Some of those decisions are very tough and sometimes, based on the cuts, you have limited resources. So with the resources that you have, you have to make the best use of it," said Wahl-Coates Elementary Principal Marty Baker.

    This nearly $300,000 funding cut could affect field trips, school lunches and hiring teachers.

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