'Collab Caves' launches at New Bern High School

    "Collab Caves" now offered at New Bern High School. (Nate Belt, NewsChannel 12)

    On the first day of the 2018 school year, New Bern High School students got to experience a new approach to their education.

    Last Friday, Aug. 24, the Craven County Board of Education previewed the new collaborative learning spaces, known as "Collab Caves," designed by recent New Bern High School graduate, Devin McKee. Those designs were put to the test on Monday.

    "Collaboration spaces were one of the biggest things that we saw that we wanted to emulate when we came back to New Bern High School," said teacher Robi Migliorato.

    The new designs were created to establish a school-wide culture with effective learning tools and spaces that will help prepare students for success after graduation. According to a press release, school officials said open collaboration spaces will improve students' skills in effective communication, team-building and problem solving.

    On Monday, a class participated in a group activity designed to team build and introduce themselves to each other on the first day of class. The space is even integrated with the school's technology, making teaching easier and more interactive than ever.

    "That was the first question in homeroom and my classroom this morning, are we going to get to go out there," Migliorato said. "I mean they're really excited.

    "The teacher is able to throw that up on the monitors using the Apple devices that we have so the students could clearly see their directions."

    These spaces now have movable dry erase walls, new work stations, flexible seating and technology. New Bern High School Principal Jerry Simmons said this makeover was possible with all repurposed materials.

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