Carteret County teachers take digital approach to school year

    CCTIDES event focusing on digital competency (Daisha Jones, NewsChannel 12)

    Carteret County high school teachers went digital, and helped each other along the way, in an effort to prepare for the 2018-19 school year.

    Carteret County Teaching: Innovations Directed at Engaging Students (CCTIDES) happened on Tuesday. The all-day event at West Carteret High School specifically focused on Carteret County high school teachers. There are only three high schools in Carteret County: West Carteret, Croatan and East Carteret High School.

    Tabbie Nance, Communications Director for the Carteret County Public School System, said there was a heavy focus on effectively utilizing blended platforms. The sessions at the event centered around digital tools/classrooms, mental health issues, accountability in learning, literacy across the curriculum, healthful living and more. Teachers had the chance to interact with one another while at the event; they learned from one another about what works best in the classroom.

    When asked if there are benefits to having teachers teaching each other, Tiffany Mayo, the West Carteret High School Administrator, said, "I think it's key. It builds respect and collaboration among all the teachers in the schools. It also creates some great networking opportunities, so that if you had questions later on, you could just email the person that's down the street."

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