Two groups of Marines adopt fifth graders at Hunters Creek Elementary

2-1-19 Marines adopt 5th graders at Hunters Creek Elementary 5 (Christina Thompson, NewsChannel 12 photo).png
A ceremony was held Friday to recognize the two Marine groups that will sponsor fifth graders at Hunters Creek Elementary in Jacksonville. (Christina Thompson, NewsChannel 12 photo)

Some fifth graders at Hunters Creek Elementary School picked up a whole bunch of new mentors and Marines. They get something special out of this mentorship program, too.

The 3rd Battalion 6th Marine Division and Marine Medium Tiltrotor Training Squadron 204 pledged to adopt the fifth graders. That means they'll mentor them and schedule monthly events like reading groups with the children. The reason both Marine groups adopted the same school is because one is deploying at the end of the month.

Sgt. Maj. Jody Armentrout said this way, the children will always have a group of Marines here with them. Onslow County Board of Education member Ken Reddic said that's very important for all involved.

"I think it's important for kids to understand we are in this together," Reddic said. "We can't make it without our friends in the Marine Corps and they depend on us to look after their family when they're away. I think it's a great partnership."

Principal Teah Bulris said the Marines get a bunch out of this mentorship program, too. The deployed Marines get pen pals and can expect lots of care packages because of the adoption.

On Friday, the children began forming relationships with the Marines, which can only expect to grow throughout the coming months.