'They deserve it as well': Military spouses receive care packages

Support Military Spouses gives care packages (Christina Thompson, NewsChannel 12)

Some of the unsung heroes in our military got some much-needed appreciation on Wednesday.

Since 2009, Support Military Spouses has worked to gift military spouses with care packages to brighten their days. The gifts are filled with clothes, jewelry, gift cards and more.

In their first year, the group gave out 30 bags. This week, they donated 1,000. Co-founder Diane Rumley said she receives messages from these spouses, saying how much this event means to them -- especially when their active duty spouses are deployed.

“The simple act of a 'thank you,' it means so much to them. They’re used to their service member getting the care packages and getting the recognition. And they deserve it. They’re just not used to realizing they deserve it as well," Rumley said.

McDonald's partnered with the event, giving out free food and drinks. Wells Fargo was another partner, helping to pack gift bags.

Now after 10 years of serving the communities in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia, Support Military Spouses is changing their name to Support Military Families to focus on children as well.