Montford Point Marines Museum makes progress towards reopening

National Museum of Montford Point Marines makes progress towards reopening. (Merrilee Moore, NewsChannel 12)

The National Museum of the Montford Point Marines suffered severe damages during Hurricane Florence.

Those damages include the loss of some of its artifacts. Despite the setbacks, the museum is making progress toward reopening.

Nearly five months after the storm, as the museum undergoes repairs and renovations, it remains dedicated to preserving the legacy of the first African Americans to serve in the Marine Corps.

Located aboard Camp Lejeune, all of its artifacts still sit in storage. Staff were able to restore some of the damaged items, but some pieces weren't as lucky.

"We had a beautiful picture of the original Montford Point Marines in formation with Hashmark Johnson standing in front of them giving them orders," National Museum of the Montford Point Marines Director Tikishia Smiley said. "I'm thinking that maybe one is out there somewhere so we're going to search for it. But we got a nice closeup of it that we'll be able to take out to one of the stores and have it redone."

The museum could reopen again as soon as June. Smiley said the new and improved building will feature several upgrades including a Kiosk system to give visitors quick access to background information on artifacts.

Watch the video to see the progress made so far.