Military children turned 'Modern Knights' in Craven County

Craven County Middle Schools 3rd Annual H.O.S.T. Team Summit (Kori Johnson, NewsChannel 12)

As part of April's Month of the Military Child happenings, over 100 H.O.S.T. (Helping Our Students Transition) Team Ambassadors from all five Craven County Middle Schools participated in a daylong leadership summit at Craven Community College on Friday.

The theme for this year's summit was Modern Knights: The Quest for Excellence.

Morning workshops offered students a glimpse into medieval culture and the personal and social characteristics required for knighthood.

Throughout the day, students were asked to consider how the personal and social skills and qualities of a knight translate to becoming a modern-day leader.

Workshops included heraldry, etiquette, qualities of a knight and tournament strategy.

The Heraldry workshop focused on positive representation of self, family, and community.

The etiquette workshop, titled "Approaching the Throne," helped students understand societal and business protocol and the importance of treating everyone with respect, regardless of their status.

The knighted workshop outlined the holistic qualifications for knighthood which include the ability to think critically, interact with others, be versed in the arts and service-minded.

Finally, the tournament strategy workshop prepared students with both rules for sportsmanship and for the afternoon tournament games.

The program finished in the afternoon with tournament games and "court." Tournament games included pool noodle javelin throwing, suction-cup archery, squires -- a relay event and plunger jousting. Game winners and overall team winners will be announced during court.