Marines help students learn about Veterans Day

marines book.JPG
(Kori Johnson, NewsChannel 12)

In honor of Veterans Day, schools across Craven County hosted several celebrations on Friday - including Brinson Memorial Elementary School in New Bern.

Marines from Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point volunteered their time to teach the students about Veterans Day and the military. The Marines read books about the day to the students, taught them about their jobs and brought a piece of their gear - a Humvee - for the students to see.

Teacher Ashley Smith says it was a good way for her students to truly understand the importance of the holiday.

"This is a great way to celebrate Veterans Day because it actually gives them hands-on experience, as opposed to just reading a book about it or doing an activity," she explains. "They are actually meeting people who will be veterans and serving our country and giving them a chance to really see and understand what they do on a day-to-day basis.">

Veterans Day activities will continue next week at several schools.