Camp Lejeune Marines' competition continues decades-long tradition

Marines' competition continues decades-long tradition aboard Camp Lejeune (Christina Thompson, NewsChannel 12)

Camp Lejeune Engineer School Marines competed in their annual St. Patrick's Day competition.

The various engineer unit Marines participated in a tradition that has brought fellow engineer Marines together for over 30 years.

Each competition gives the unit a chance to demonstrate their skills and how they use them daily to keep civilians safe.

Every single one of the 14 events challenges these Marines for situations they could encounter in real life while strengthening the bond of brotherhood.

“Not just team work, but morale in general. A day like today motivates people to get out and do their daily grind. To have an event like this where everybody comes together, it makes it great for everyone," Captain Luke Walsh said.

At the end of the day, only one unit can win the coveted trophy but they said they lesson they all learning on Thursday is far more valuable.

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