Baths for the Brave recipients happy with remodel

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The new bathroom gives the Haywards a fresh start with a new safety bar, new shower head and places to keep their stuff. (Morgan Newell, NewsChannel 12 photo)

After Monday's Veterans Day bathroom rebuild for the Haywards, Tuesday was the day for the big reveal.

George and Rhea Hayward are two disabled veterans - both serving in desert storm and George Hayward serving in Iraq.

They were nominated by a family friend, Commander Tommy Stephens. A West Shore Home spokesperson says Commander Stephenson wrote such a compelling letter, the group decided overwhelmingly to give the Haywards the bathroom remodel.

West Shore Homes remolded their bathroom for free through the Baths for the Brave program. The program remodels veterans' bathrooms for free as a thank you for their service.

The Haywards say they love their new, safer shower, especially because they never have to clean tile again. Mrs. Hayward was happy to also have the safety bar to get into and out of the shower.