Pastor: 300 fed thanks to Christmas dinner bags


New Bern - A local church continues the fight against hunger, helping to feed hundreds of people in Craven County.

Members of Peletah Ministries in James City, united on Christmas Eve to distributes bags filled with groceries to anyone in need.

The church is a partner of the Food Bank of Central and Eastern Carolina. Once a week, they open their doors to the community.

"Times are tough for everybody and the people that work every day, said Samiah Sparrow. "We work every day but it's still hard when you have a family to support.

"We wanted to open our doors to let people know that there's a place here that they can come to get some groceries and some other things they may need," said Pastor Anthony Gibson.

"Every little bit helps," said Hilda Smith. "I'm on disability at this point. Everything that comes in the house, it helps bless our home.

"To know they're doing this from the depths of their heart, not asking for anything in return just because that's what the true meaning of Christmas is," said Tontrisa Porter.

Church leaders say News Channel 12's food drive in early December helped them stock their shelves.

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