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More than 200,000 fish dead in fish kill, sign of things to come

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FISHER LANDING, Craven County - More than three days after the fish kill that left more than 200,000 fish dead started, there are still hundreds of fish on the shore at Fisher's Landing in Craven County.

What's even more alarming is that instead of only the smaller species, like menhaden, but this time, flounder, crabs and skate turned up dead.

"It worries me. You know we are seeing a lot of the fish kills become more severe, and at the same time a lot of our protective measures for the river are being rolled back," Travis Graves, the Lower Neuse Riverkeeper, said.

Graves said he has heard from multiple people with riverfront property that the smell of the dead fish was nearly unbearable when the kill first happened, adding that he is also worried this kill could continue to grow and reach more than one million fish killed.

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