Going Viral: Stomp Out Breast Cancer Monday


NEW BERN - Beth Fairchild as stage IV metastatic breast cancer. And she is tired of pink washing, and awareness. She says she is tired of all the "warriors" and "winners", because no one wins, and she wants her voice heard. So she is trying to her message out Monday, and getting it trending on social media it will trend and get national attention.

She is inviting everyone to a PINK OUT Monday March 2nd. The plan is to pummel Facebook, Twitter, and Instagam with photos and hashtags about metastatic breast cancer to get it trending. It takes 50,000 mentions of a similar hashtag to get it trending. Fairchild says "The idea is that the more people see it and hear it, the better chance we have at folks paying attention." Fairchild says the hashtags #metsmonday #bckills #dontignorestageiv are the ones they are pushing for their cause. Fairchild has a Facebook page for the cause, which you can find here:

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