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"GMA" features Greenville business owner

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GREENVILLE, Pitt County - Being featured on national television is certainly not something everyone gets to do in their life, but if you flipped your TV to "Good Morning America" Thursday, you may have caught a glimpse of the handiwork of one of Greenville's own.

Greenville native and South Central graduate Jasmine Flood said she has been making jewelry since she was 11 years old.

"We were on a field trip and she was like, ‘Mom, I learned how to make earrings!'" Flood's mother, Pansie Flood, said. "I was like, ‘Oh good!' And so we went to the store and bought supplies, and then it was just like it became a passion.

"I used to sit outside and wait for yard sale people to come by in my neighborhood and see a little girl selling jewelry."

After high school, Flood went on to attend N.C. State and earn her degree in design. But it's after college when the real magic started.

"I ... went on to pursue my dream, instead of taking corporate job offers, I decided to start my own business and design company," Flood said.

She built her business, Riada Adair Design Co., from the ground up. At first, just designing and selling unique and personalized women's jewelry and accessories.

"When we first started out, it was just us sitting around in our apartment, talking as roommates about her dreams and what she was wanting to do after school," Flood's longtime friend, Rickiah Wingfield, said.

A short time later, Flood added the Adair Men's Design Co. collection, which includes engraved tie clips and cuff links which were recently featured on "GMA's" "Deals and Steals."

"Everyone was, you know, spot-on looking at the television," Flood said.

"Everyone was watching and we were all just - it was like we were speechless," Pansie said.

"There was so much excitement in that room that you couldn't have bottled it," Flood said.

The result of the national attention? "A lot, a lot, a lot of orders," Flood said. But the orders come along with a sense of accomplishment and excitement for what lies ahead.

"We had excellent feedback so just to see something on TV and know that hard work has paid off is absolutely perfect," Flood said.

"Good Morning America" actually made a special exception and extended the sale until 8 p.m. Friday night. Follow this link ( for your personalized, locally-made gift for your father or husband.

If you missed the sale, don't fret. You can still find the Flood's merchandise at

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