NCAA, ACC plan to review 'bathroom bill' deal

Mark Emmert

RALEIGH (AP) - The NCAA plans to review a deal to roll back North Carolina's bathroom bill before it makes a decision on whether to bring neutral-site championships back to the state.

NCAA President Mark Emmert told reporters Thursday that the association's board of governors will have to discuss the new legislation before deciding whether they're comfortable hosting neutral-site championships in the state again.

He said that process could take several days or more.

The NCAA previously said that it's deciding on four years of neutral-site championship locations and wouldn't put any in North Carolina if the law known as House Bill 2 were still on the books.

The sports governing body had removed neutral-site championships from the state for the current school year.

The Atlantic Coast Conference says it will consider bringing championship events back, too.

ACC Commissioner John Swofford issued a statement Thursday that said no decisions have been made. But he said the presidents of the conference's universities would "reopen the discussion" about holding neutral site championships in the state.

The collegiate sports conference, which is headquartered in Greensboro, had moved neutral site championships out of the state because of House Bill 2.

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