Store owner says masked burglars intentionally crashed into pawn shop

(WSOC photo)

MATTHEWS, N.C. - Police in Matthews are looking for the burglars who crashed an SUV into a pawn shop early Monday morning.

Officers responded to Beltway Gun and Pawn on East Independence Boulevard around 2:45 a.m. and told WSOC that masked burglars intentionally rammed the SUV into the building.

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Detectives said the suspects blew past speed bumps and vehicle barriers before smashing through the front of the shop.

The store owner told WSOC that he's checking his inventory but doesn't believe anything was stolen, including guns.

Here's a closer look at the damage to the gun shop. The manager says it doesn't look like the crooks were able to steal any guns. @wsoctv

-- Mark Barber (@MBarberWSOC9) May 29, 2017

"It's just a let down that somebody would do that," resident Al Bridges said. "Just drive a car through the building."

The damage included display cases knocked over, destroyed merchandise and glass and brick scattered throughout the store.

"It's pretty extensive," resident Dirk Mathis said. "I mean, the whole wall is gone."

Police have not made any arrests and no surveillance images have been released.

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