Sen. Richard Burr 'troubled by timing' of FBI director's firing


WASHINGTON - N.C. Sen. Richard Burr said he was "troubled by the timing and reason" of FBI Director James Comey's termination Tuesday by President Donald Trump.

On Twitter Tuesday evening, Burr called Comey a "public servant of the highest order." Burr also said he believed Comey and his staff were "straightforward with our committee."

Burr serves as Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

I have found Director Comey to be a public servant of the highest order.

-- Richard Burr (@SenatorBurr) May 9, 2017

His dismissal further confuses an already difficult investigation by the Committee.

-- Richard Burr (@SenatorBurr) May 9, 2017

In my interactions w/ the Director and w/ the Bureau under his leadership, he & the FBI have always been straightforward with our Committee.

-- Richard Burr (@SenatorBurr) May 9, 2017

Dir. Comey has been more forthcoming w/ information than any FBI Director I can recall in my tenure on the congressional intel committees.

-- Richard Burr (@SenatorBurr) May 9, 2017

His dismissal, I believe, is a loss for the Bureau and the nation.

-- Richard Burr (@SenatorBurr) May 9, 2017
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