Report: Deal reached to repeal HB2

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CHARLOTTE - ABC affiliate WTVD in Raleigh are reporting a repeal of House Bill 2 is done. Now comes a vote by the N.C. House and Senate.

WTVD reports Republicans and Gov. Roy Cooper reached a deal before a reported deadline by the NCAA. Details of the deal were not available but a press conference was held at 10:30 p.m. with House Speaker Tim Moore and Senate leader Phil Berger. Both said they agreed not to take questions from reporters.

House Bill 142 will be taken up by both chambers in Raleigh for a vote Thursday morning, according to WTVD.

WSOC reports sources told WSOC Cooper reached a deal with Republican leadership to repeal HB2 and reset bathroom policies. The deal also includes a moratorium on non-discrimination ordinances until 2020.

WSOC reported a possible vote would be held as early as Wednesday night. Hoever, the House has adjourned for the night and politicians are still discussing the deal in caucuses.

Scott Dupree, Executive Director of the Greater Raleigh Sports Alliance, said Tuesday that if North Carolina doesn't repeal HB2 in 48 hours, it will lose NCAA championship events through 2022.

"I have confirmed with a contact very close to the NCAA that its deadline for HB2 is 48 hours from now. If HB2 has not been resolved by that time, the NCAA will have no choice but to move forward without the North Carolina bids. The NCAA has already delayed the bid review process once and has waited as long as it possibly can, and now it must finalize all championship site selections through spring of 2022," said Dupree.

Tuesday evening, another effort to craft legislation to get rid of North Carolina's "bathroom's bill" and halt more economic losses appears gone as Republicans and Democrats point fingers over whether an agreement ever existed.

The GOP-controlled legislature and Cooper have been trying to find a way to repeal House Bill 2 before the NCAA decides to leave the state out of hosting championship events through 2022. House Speaker Tim Moore and Senate leader Phil Berger said Tuesday evening that they had agreed to a plan from Cooper's office that would repeal HB2 but include other provisions.

Berger said Cooper backed out of that plan. The House Democratic leader said later there had been no formal offer and called the Republican leaders' news conference a stunt because the GOP lacks the votes to pass a bill.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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