Officials tracking down final 5 not notified of abnormal Pap smear results


CHARLOTTE - According to WSOC, Mecklenburg County leaders received an update about the health department at the Commission meeting Tuesday night after the department failed to notify 185 patients about abnormal Pap smear results.

The health department is still tracking down the final five women who were not notified, officials said at Tuesday night's meeting.

Officials said there is an experienced health worker who is spending this entire week going door-to-door trying to find those women.

The state health department will be in Charlotte on March 21 to review the issue.

The Mecklenburg Health Department has started the process of getting an independent review and have six companies identified.

Four health department workers no longer work there and officials hired more staff to oversee follow-ups.

The minutes from the Jan. 10 closed session will be released to the public so there is full transparency as to how this has been handled, officials announced at the meeting.

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