NC state trooper caught on camera driving wrong way has resigned


RALEIGH - Shocking viewer video shows a state trooper speeding down Highway 321 in Catawba County, going the wrong way into oncoming traffic.

The Highway Patrol announced on Tuesday that Trooper T.J. Williamson, who was behind the wheel, submitted his resignation effective immediately.

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NC state trooper put on administrative duty after being filmed appearing to race down highway into oncoming traffic.

-- ABC News (@ABC) July 18, 2017

The witness who shot the video told WSOC that the trooper was heading to a major street racing bust.

WSOC first reported about the street racing arrests at 11 p.m. Sunday.

Williamson got off the River Road exit, crossed the bridge and then started heading south in the northbound lanes.

WSOC reporter Dave Faherty spoke to the woman who recorded the video, and she is outraged by the dangerous maneuver.

"Just freaked out," Carisa Lynn said. "It was crazy. It was very dangerous."

Williamson had been employed with the NCHP since August, 2016.

State troopers said they received numerous calls of the street racers endangering others along the four-lane highway, but Lynn believes the state trooper put more people at risk.

"Street racing isn't what you should be doing but it was more reckless, in my opinion, of the police officer to be driving the way he was driving, in general, to pull over some people racing," Lynn said.

Channel 9 learned that in some cases, troopers are permitted to drive the wrong way on major highways.