NC man gets $100 million water bill

(Kieran Healy/Twitter)

RALEIGH (AP) - The water bill wasn't so bad, but the service charge was eye-popping.

The News & Observer reports that Kieran Healy of Orange County got a water bill for $189.92; however, the service charge was a dollar shy of $100 million.

Healy said he asked Orange Water and Sewer Authority on Twitter on Wednesday if he could make installment payments.

Hey @owasa1, I just got a water bill for a hundred million dollars. Specifically, for $100,000,188 and 92 cents. Can I pay in installments?

-- Kieran Healy (@kjhealy) June 14, 2017

Healy posted later Wednesday that the utility company assured him that his bill was wrong.

The utility's Stephen Winters said an outside company sends payment reminder emails to customers before their account is drafted. Winters said a mistake made it appear Healy faced a huge bill, adding he doesn't know how many customers may get emails with incorrect service charges, but the company is sending out apology messages.

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