Bottle labeled‘Dad's ashes' found at North Carolina Goodwill

(WSOC photo)

THOMASVILLE, N.C. - Workers at a North Carolina Goodwill store received an unusual donation this week: A jar of cremated human remains.

The ashes were in a seasoning bottle labeled "dad's ashes." It also had the name "Missy" written on it.

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Workers at the Thomasville store posted a picture of the bottle on Facebook, along with information about when and where it was found, hoping to track down the family who left it.

"So far, I haven't had any luck finding where he belongs, but I'm not going to stop trying," said Jessica Cranford. "He doesn't belong here. He needs to be with his family."

Workers took the ashes to a crematorium which confirmed they're most likely human.

They're being stored at the store's corporate headquarters until someone claims them.

Anyone who may know who the ashes belong to is asked to call the nonprofit's corporate number at (336) 714-3039.

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