3 women charged with leaving children alone within 1 week

Kecia Barham (WSOC photo)

ROCK HILL, S.C. - Rock Hill police arrested a mother for leaving her child and driving away, the third time in a week that police in the city have arrested women on the same charge.

As in the other two unrelated cases, the suspect now faces felony charges.

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Kecia Barham told police that her 7-year-old daughter was acting "out of control," so she left her standing by the mailboxes at the Fields Apartments on Patriot Parkway, police said.

Barham drove off for 45 minutes to punish the girl while she took an older child to football practice, police said. A neighbor found the girl crying by the mailboxes and called police.

"I'm so glad that neighbor came out and got her, because that would freak me out," said Joi Rosario, who lives in a neighboring building. "No matter how annoyed or frustrated you get, that's your child. I mean, you gave life to that little human being, and you just leave them?"

Barham was charged with child neglect and was released Friday on a $6,000 personal recognizance bond.

Intisar Banks left two children with her fiance at Fountain Park on Tuesday, claiming that she had a medical emergency, police said.

She left them with no transportation or phone, and her fiance was trying to flag down passing drivers for help.

Banks admitted going to Charlotte to have an affair, police said.

Police officers bought the children dinner and waited with them for four hours at the police department for Banks to return after one of her children repeatedly dialed her number.

Laquanna Johnson was charged Wednesday with leaving her 1-year-old son in the Food Lion store on East Main Street.

She drove off for 20 minutes and store employees saw the toddler trying to walk outside the store and stopped him, police said.

Johnson returned to pick up the child, claiming that she had to run an errand, police said.

Rock Hill police spokesman Paul Myers said anything could have happened to the children.

"What if they just wandered out into traffic, were abducted? It's a parent's worst nightmare," he said.

Department of Social Services agents were contacted in all three cases and are working with police and the families.

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