Two more Cooper secretaries look headed for confirmation

Erik Hooks, left, and Jim Trogden

RALEIGH (AP) -- Two more members of North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper's Cabinet appear headed for confirmation after relatively straightforward Senate hearings.

Senate committees recommended unanimously Wednesday that Transportation Secretary Jim Trogdon and Public Safety Secretary Erik Hooks be confirmed to their posts. Floor votes were expected Thursday.

Hooks and Trogdon had been subpoenaed to appear before separate Senate policy committees. Questioning was generally friendly and their qualifications were praised.

Cooper doesn't believe a December law subjecting his Cabinet to confirmation is constitutional and has sued to overturn it. Republicans disagree and point to the state Constitution for those Senate powers. A three-judge panel heard those arguments last week but hasn't ruled.

Military and Veterans Affairs Secretary Larry Hall was confirmed last week. Committee meetings with other Cabinet secretaries are scheduled.

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