Teen's Dorito-themed 'promposal' to girl with Down syndrome goes viral

(Shaedon Wedel Twitter photo)

NEWTON, Kansas - Tuesday is World Down Syndrome Day, a day where people with Down syndrome and those who live and work with them are recognized.

On the special day, we learn of a special story of a boy using a unique way to invite a girl to the prom. It's about Shaedon Wedel, a senior at Newton High School in Newton, Kansas, and how he asked Carlie Wittman, 15, who has Down syndrome, to the prom.

CLICK HERE to watch the video proposal on Wedel's Facebook page

Wedel posted a video to Facebook where he went to Carlie's doorstep with flowers, a bag of Doritos and his proposal. On the front of his shirt it said: "I know I'm NACHO your typical Dorito but ..." and on the back it said "I'm going to be CHEESY and ask: will you go to the prom with me?"

Can't wait for prom with this sweet gal ????

-- Shaedon Wedel (@shardonwedel) March 17, 2017

Carlie -- who loves Doritos -- obviously said yes, sporting a big grin and brimming with excitement. The story has quickly gone viral online.

"I decided on the Doritos theme because I have known her for seven years and there has not been a day that I have not seen her eat Doritos," Wedel said in a story on "She absolutely loves them.

"My main goal is to make her prom as special as possible. She says she wants to be a princess like Cinderella, and it would mean everything to make her feel that way."

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