Dad spends $100K on mind-blowing Halloween decorations

Chris Donaubauer's home (Wayne Sheridan photo via ABC News)

Missouri dad Chris Donaubauer is the Clark Griswold of Halloween decorations.

He spent $100,000 on his mind-blowing setup, which gets more elaborate each year.

"I take pride and do lots of detail in my display," Donaubauer, 38, told ABC News. "I go as far as painting the finger nails on the animatronics, and other stuff is detailed just as well. I hand-make all wood stuff and paint it also."

Donaubauer has been decorating for Halloween at his St. Charles home for 16 years and has no plans to slow down.

"Nothing is trash to me. You can always use it," he said of the decorations, which he stores in his home.

Donaubauer said his family does help him with the set-up process if he asks, but he admitted, "I'm really picky," so mostly it's a personal project.

He said his Halloween display is always free for people to enjoy, and he never takes donations.

"I don't do it for that," said the proud dad. "I do it to see people happy, smile. Kids love it as much as adults, who turn into kids themselves."

But Halloween isn't the only holiday he goes bananas over.

"Christmas is way bigger and the best, and Christmas is my favorite," he said. "We spend lots of money and time. But it's well worth it."