Lawyers say Wells Fargo created about 3.5 million fake accounts


SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Lawyers suing Wells Fargo on behalf of customers say the bank may have opened about 3.5 million unauthorized accounts.

That's far more than the about 2 million possibly unauthorized accounts than the bank and regulators disclosed last year

In a court filing late Thursday, lawyers representing customers told a federal judge in San Francisco that they believe bank workers created 3.5 million unauthorized accounts over the last 15 years.

A bank spokesman said the lawyers' new estimation was unverified and based on a hypothetical scenario. The bank declined further comment.

The lawyers including the new estimate in a court filing asking a judge to approve a $142 million settlement.

Last month, the bank said it discovered the problem dated back to 2002 and increased the settlement amount from $110 million.

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