Google to display restaurant wait times in Map and Search


Google has come out with a new feature to help streamline our dinner plans: According to The Verge, the company will now allow users to view restaurant wait times in Search or Maps.

The update is said to be available right now, according to Tech Crunch, and will include wait times for almost one million restaurants worldwide.

Tech Crunch adds that Google already offers its users information on some restaurant locations' most popular -- aka busiest -- days of the week, which was added as a real-time function in 2016. This new feature, however, will reportedly be much more specific.

Where is this new information coming from? The data for this feature will reportedly be provided by users who participate in Google Location History, which utilizes a user's location to predict traffic, or make recommendations on where they should visit.

Here's how the new feature will work: When a user searches for a restaurant on Google and opens the business' listing, they will see the "Popular Times" section. From there, the estimated wait for that specific time of day will be visible. Or, a user can tap any of the hour bars to see the estimated wait time for that period.

Hungry diners can even plan ahead, and look at future or past wait times, too.

So before heading out to that fancy restaurant -- you know, the one with the signature pasta dish you just have to have -- Google's newest feature just might be able to help minimize that horrendous wait time.