Atlanta highway damaged by fire set to reopen in time for Memorial Day


Interstate 85 in Atlanta is set to reopen just in time for Memorial Day Weekend after a massive fire in March caused a portion of the highway to collapse, officials announced Monday.

Georgia Department of Transportation Commissioner Russell McMurry said he's confident the highway will be ready for use by May 25, three weeks ahead of schedule.

"It's taken a group effort by all those to truly make a difference in these four-and-a-half weeks since the collapse and while the rebuilding is going on," McMurry said, according to ABC affiliate WSB-TV.

Interstate 85 is a major thruway in the Atlanta metropolitan area, carrying 400,000 cars a day, according to the Department of Transportation. The highway's closure has caused major headaches in the heavily car-dependent city.

Three have been charged in connection with the fire, which has been described by officials as having been set maliciously.

Officials have said that the repairs to the highway will cost up to $16.6 million.

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