Anti-Trump robocalls using Obama's voice have been reported to law enforcement


A spokesperson for Barack Obama says the former president is not affiliated with a group soliciting donations to oppose President Donald Trump.

CNN's KFile reported in February that Progressive Priorities PAC was making robocalls using Obama's voice.

"President Obama needs you urgent help to help fund our fax blast demanding Democrats in Congress block all repeal efforts by Donald Trump, so please press one now to contribute to help President Obama block all repeal efforts by Donald Trump," an automated voice can be heard saying on one call obtained by CNN's KFile.

"For generous support we'll send you a free Obama signature gift as a way of saying thank you. Again, press one to contribute now to help President Obama block all repeal efforts by Donald Trump."

Kevin Lewis, a spokesman for the former president, told CNN's KFile, "These pre-recorded calls were not authorized by President Barack Obama, have no connection to the former President, and have been reported to appropriate law enforcement authorities."

"We will continue to monitor for and report any misleading or fraudulent uses of the President's image."

CNN's KFile previously reported that Progressive Priorities PAC is closely tied to a different PAC called Liberty Action Group, which raised nearly $3 million through radio advertisements and robocalls by asking for contributions to help elect Trump. FEC filings for both groups show that neither of them contributed directly to conservative or progressive causes.

Multiple attempts to reach the individuals behind the groups have gone unanswered.

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