$6.8 million in Fentanyl and Ketamine found in secret car compartment

(WLOS photo)

A man is under arrest after the Fresno County Sheriff's Office says agents found $6.8 million in Fentanyl and Ketamine in a secret compartment in the car he was driving to Los Angeles Tuesday.According to a news release.

High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area unit, Fresno Methamphetamine Task Force and Central Valley Marijuana Investigation Team agents pulled Eduardo Lopez, 26, over on Highway 99 after undercover agents set up a deal to buy the 4.4 pounds of what they thought was synthetic heroin. After towing the car for the search, the agents say they found two packages of drugs in a secret car compartment.

CLICK HERE to read and see more at Fentanyl is potentially deadly if inhaled or if touched, so agents had to wear hazmat suits.

Lopez faces felony charges of possessing and transporting narcotics for sale. His bail is set at $235,000. The news release says the 4.4 pounds of drugs could be cut 100 times.

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