Youth from across US come to New Bern to aid poor, elderly


NEW BERN, Craven County - As part of the 2nd annual "Paint Your Heart Out" event in New Bern this week, some homeowners are getting a new coat of paint, needed repairs or even additions like wheelchair ramps added to their houses.

The program was created to visually improve the community by providing some repairs to homes lived in by low-income or elderly individuals.

"People that need help and I have time so why not help people," volunteer Cliff Nielsen said.

The group - which is comprised of roughly 350 church youth group students from across the country along with dozens more local volunteers - is tackling paint jobs and repairs on 68 homes this year.

"I see these houses like this here all the time and with like the homeowners here there is not really much they can do to help and it's really good that we can come out and help them a little," fellow volunteer Jacob Haddock said.

More information about the program, which is a partnership between the Neuse River Community Development Corporation and the Colorado-based nonprofit Group Cares, can be found online.

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