Your Voice, Your Future Roundtable - 'State of America' on Wednesday night

(Sinclair Broadcasting photo)

Washington, D.C. -- Wednesday, November 15

"State of America"

7:00 - 7:57 pm (

Talking all things happening in Washington DC from The Mueller/Russian Investigation, to tax brackets and cuts, from the Opioid Epidemic to the Asia Trip. We discuss The State of America and what it means to every American. Join Sinclair Senior Political Reporter, Scott Thuman as he leads an articulate panel in our Your Voice Your Future Political Roundtable from WJLA TV.

Host station: WJLA/News Channel 8 in Washington, D.C.

Panel: Mark Hyman

Brooke Goldstein, Lawfare

Former Congressman Jim Moran

Congressman John Sarbanes, MD (D)

Congressman Scott Perry, PA (R)

Charlie Gerow, GOP Strategist

Kathy Szeliga, Maryland Delegate (R)

Moderator: Scott Thuman