Woman accused of killing, mutilating 8-year-old son may never stand trial

GREENVILLE, Pitt County - A woman who has spent 17 years in state mental hospitals after allegedly killing and mutilating her 8-year-old son may never face a trial in his death.

Mirna Aguirre-Palma, 42, is accused of killing her 8-year-old son, Angel Pineda-Aguirre, on Nov. 21, 2000, by suffocating him, placing his body in a bathtub and then mutilating the body. On Thursday, Aguirre-Palma's attorney, les Robinson, argued before a Pitt County Superior Court judge that Aguirre-Palma should have the first-degree murder charge against her dismissed because she will never be competent to stand trial.

The Daily Reflector reports that a forensic psychologist evaluated Aguirre-Palma in April, determining that multiple attempts to stabilize her through medication and therapy over the course of the past 17 years have been unsuccessful.

Pitt County District Attorney Kimberly Robb did not oppose the motion. Pitt Superior Court Judge Marvin Blount will review the reports and testimony in the case and issue a decision at a later date.

If the charges are dropped, Robinson said the next step would be to file a motion to have Aguirre-Palma involuntarily committed for schizoaffective disorder. The Daily Reflector reports there is a possibility she also could be deported.

Angel Pineda-Aguirre was a 2nd grader at Chicod Elementary when he was killed.

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