Winterville man imprisoned for man's death now runs for mayor

Ashley "Tucker" Moore (Ashley Boles/NewsChannel 12)

WINTERVILLE, Pitt County - A man who served more than three years behind bar for killing another man in a car crash is hoping voters will be able to see beyond that point in his life during his campaign for Winterville mayor.

Ashley Tucker Moore was sentenced to more than three years in prison in 2008 on three separate felony charges stemming from a 2007 single-car wreck that saw the death of one man and seriously injured two others.

Moore said that event changed him permanently and gave him a new perspective on those who have been convicted on criminal charges.

"A person needs to be given a chance," he said.

He knows he can't run for public office without talking about the proverbial elephant in the room.

"It's something you think about everyday and you certainly learn from it and you just appreciate life a little bit more because it definitely changes you as a person," he said. "My focus is on Winterville and the future and I just want to focus on the future of Winterville making it a better place to live and work."

Moore works at Winterville's NC Driving School, which is owned by his father, Tony, who serves on the Winterville City Council. Per North Carolina law, Moore's voting rights were restored about the completion of his sentence and probation term in 2012.

Current Winterville mayor Douglas Jackson, who is running for re-election, says there is work to be done in the community of nearly 10,000 residents no mater who voters choose.

"Everybody that wants to run, sure, if they're able to do that, then do it and welcome to the field," he said.

In addition to Moore and Jackson, Veronica Roberson and Calvin Henderson are also running for the mayor's seat this fall.

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