Will Belhaven have its July 4th fireworks this year?


BELHAVEN, Beaufort County - Rainy conditions this week have made for an unpredictable week in Eastern North Carolina. That's particularly true for the Fourth of July fireworks in Belhaven.

Storms have literally rained on the town's parade, postponing the fireworks show at the last minute on July 4. Now questions remain about whether they will be held at all. Belhaven planned to up the ante with their fireworks this year that would cap the town's 75th annual celebration. More than 7,000 people came to the small Beaufort County town. But not everything went as planned. "Anytime you're doing things in Eastern North Carolina in July, you're subject to have some rain, some thunder and lightning," said Belhaven Town Manager Elwood Jarvis. "And that governs everything that we do." After spending $15,000 on this year's show, the town has to decide what to do next. "Our town fathers feel very strongly that fireworks on the Fourth of July should be done on the Fourth of July," Jarvis said. "So we're gonna work backwards from that philosophy and try to make a decision on when or if to reschedule." While a decision hasn't been made, it's possible the town may wait until next July 4 to have its fireworks show. The town council is expected to meet Monday to make a decision.

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