White Oak Elementary gets much-needed classroom additions


CAPE CARTERET, Carteret County - The Cape Carteret community gathered Friday at White Oak Elementary School for a long-awaited ribbon cutting of new classroom additions.

Students and teachers only moved into the brand new classrooms two weeks ago but in that short amount of time, they say they are already seeing a difference. It was one of 14 new rooms that were added.

"It's probably every teacher's dream," said fourth grade teacher Ashley Kelsey, who felt right at home in their new classroom with her students.

The additions are a permanent solution to the overcrowding issue the school has been dealing with for years.

"We had remedied the overcrowding with mobile units, so our students had places to be, but they were not the standard that we thought our students should be learning in and it was time," said Carteret County Schools Superintendent Matt Bottoms. "We were either going to have to buy more mobile units to get rid of the old ones or do some brick and mortar."

Now the children have much more room to grow and learn.

"Well the children just have more space to move around in, you know you can have groups of students in one corner, groups of students in another corner whereas before, I don't want to say we were on top of one another, but we were on top of one another," Kelsey said.

Several other schools in Carteret County are dealing with the same issue. Bottoms said he hopes to address those issues in the near future.