West Craven principal talks about importance of Wednesday's lockdown drill


VANCEBORO, Craven County - West Craven High School Principal Tabari Wallace said the lockdown drill that happened Wednesday is a response to dangerous incidents that happen all across the country in this day and age.

Wednesday's lockdown resulted in the arrest of two students, junior star football running back Jonquez Green, 16, and a minor. Wallace said at school, student safety is the top priority, even above education.

"It was definitely very unexpected," Wallace said. "It began as a drill and then as law enforcement and the K9 units picked up on things, we were able to proceed with the investigation."

Wallace said drills like these happen four times a year with law enforcement assisting at least one. The end goal is to keep students safe.

"Lockdown drills can be called for a number or reasons," Wallace said. "The traditional lockdown drills that we do are more for securing the doors and making sure the kids are hid and this and that. Its really for an intruder coming in."

Some parents voiced concerns on a NewsChannel 12 Facebook post that they were not informed before or during the lockdown what was happening. Wallace said that is a necessary part of the procedure.

"Every drill we do, whether it's a fire drill, earthquake or lockdown drill, all those drills are real, when we call it," Wallace said. "Because you don't want kids to not take it seriously when it is a true thing going on."

"I am going to do all that is in my power to make sure that every student in this building is safe and I return them back to their parents as better than they came."