Water main break causing headaches in Greenville


GREENVILLE, Pitt County - A reported water main break in the heart of Greenville is increasing traffic woes on already icy woes.

The Greenville Police Department reported the break near Glen Arthur Road and 13th Street, which was impacting the major intersection of Charles Boulevard and 14th Street - just south of the campus of ECU.

At 8 a.m., the City of Greenville reported Charles Boulevard is now closed between 12th and 14th streets. Evans Street is the suggested alternate.

Greenville Utilities spokesman Steve Hawley said about 10 customers are without water during the break. He said it will take a few hours for repairs to be completed.

Hawley said there weren't definitive reports yet as to what caused the break, but said he "would suspect cold weather had something to do with it."

Greenville Police said there were no reported wrecks overnight, due in part to people heeding official warnings and generally staying off the roads.

The Department said Hooker and Memorial roads, along with Evans Street were in fairly good driving condition, while other major thoroughfares of Arlington and Greenville boulevards are in worse shape sue to snow and ice.

NewsChannel 12 StormTrack 12 Meteorologist Les Still reports temperatures in the vast majority of eastern North Carolina may not get above freezing until Monday, meaning icy conditions on many roads wil persist, along with much of the snow that fell overnight Wednesday into Thursday.

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